Tickle Tots Wet Bag

Everything You Need To Know

The Perfect Accessory For When You’re Out & About

The Tickle Tots Wet Bag is the perfect size for out and about.  It can hold 3 – 5 Tickle Tots nappies and fits easily into a changing bag and it has a handy clip to attach to your pram. With a roomy front pocket to keep your wipes and nappy cream, the Tickle Tots Wet Bag is a handy accessory for all parents with tots! It also makes a great swim bag or storing your kids dirty clothes. The unique design of the detachable mesh lining allows dirty nappies to be removed and put straight into the wash without having to handle them again! Simply un-popper the lining, remove it from the wet bag and close it using the drawstring. It can then be put straight into the wash with the dirty nappies contained inside it. The wet bag can then either be used again without the lining or simply pop in a new mesh lining and it can be used again before the wet bag and lining needs to be put in the wash.

Disposable Nappies & Plastic Nappy Bags Take 400+ Years To Degrade In Landfill And Release Harmful Chemicals In The Process.

Features Of The Tickle Tots Wet Bag

Key Points

Detachable Mesh Lining
Dimensions: 34cm X 30cm
Easy To Use Zip Closures
Front “Dry” Compartment
Pul Lined Messy Compartment
Handle With Popper To Hang Up

Why Reusable Wet Bags?

It is predicted that a child will use between 4,000 and 6,000 nappies during their toddler years. These will unfortunately end up in landfill sites and as they decompose give out a harmful greenhouse gas called methane, which contributes to climate change. All the fabrics used in Tickle Tots nappies are tested to Oeko-tex Standard 100, meaning that no harmful chemicals have been used in their production process. Tickle Tots nappies are safe for baby, and gentle on the Environment. Our modern, cloth nappies are designed be reliable and absorbent with no overnight leaks! Choose from our Tickle Tots All-in-One or Tickle Tots All-in-Two nappies. If you are not sure where to start, take our product recommendation quiz or learn more about how and why to use eco-friendly nappies in the Tickle Tots menu..

Our cloth nappies & Wet Bags come in a range of nature-inspired patterns and prints, perfect for your little Tickle tots!

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